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    Shanti with Annmarie

    Shanti is in the journey!

  • Shanti defined is joy, calm, peace and bliss.

    Re-discover yours with me.




    I came to yoga by first becoming a YMCA and AFAA certified aerobics instructor in 1994. 26 years ago, I happened upon a yoga class at a local gym and never looked back.


    I have been teaching Yoga for more than

    10 years with over 800 hours of teaching experience. I am a member of Yoga Alliance.

    (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500)


    I love teaching beginning to intermediate level yoga classes. I have specialized training in supporting low back wellness and SI Joint health as well as additional training in Yoga Nidra, Restorative,

    Yin and Chair Yoga.


    I am a Fascia Fitness Instructor, originally trained with the MELT Method.

    What is Fascia Fitness?

    So glad you asked, read on!


    I am a Reiki Master offering private sessions for over 7 years.


    Yoga, Fascia Fitness and Reiki are wonderful ways to bring vitality, clarity, balance and shanti to your mind, body and spirit.


    Our indoor studio and outdoor private lake front patio each enjoy over 450 sq. ft. of space to spread out and relax.


    Our family moved from our home in San Diego County, California to beautiful Georgia in 2018.


    Welcome to my website, Thank you for your kind, supportive energy.

    Let your "Shanti" begin!








    Saturday's, September 30th & October 7th @ 9:30am.

    A 60 minute Fascia Fitness with Gentle and Restorative Yoga class that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and smiling. A wonderful way to start your weekend.

    3 minimum/8 maximum

    Registration is required.


    Create your perfect class:

    Contact me with a day, timeframe and type of class.

    Types of classes are listed below in Class Descriptions.

    Minimum of 3 in your group.



    Sunday, October 1st

    October 14th thru 21st


    When I have a class scheduled with a group that allows others, I'll post it here.

    Registration is required.

    Pre-payment is available.

    Also available: Privates and Semi-Privates. Details below.

    I'm here to serve you and our local community.



    Drop In class - $15.00

    2 class pass - $25.00

    5 class pass - $60.00

    (Class passes are good for 4 months (2 class pass) and 6 months (5 class pass) from date of purchase)

    Registration is Required

    Contact me through this website, email, Facebook or text.


    NEW STUDENT SPECIAL - Buy One Drop In Class And Receive The Second Class FREE.

    (Second class must be taken within 45 days of 1st class.)


    I accept Cash, Venmo or Credit Card (fee for credit card).


    Classes will be scheduled indoor, but if weather is permitting, we can move the class outdoors.



    Shoal Creek Forest

    365 Mapledale Trail

    Sharpsburg, GA 30277


    Park along street, be courteous, please don't block others in.

    Enter through basement door in the back of the house.

    Outdoor classes on patio behind the house, near the lake. You cannot miss it!









    All of my classes are perfect for beginners through intermediate Yoga levels.

    We will work with the breath to invite our body to relax and invite our parasympathetic nervous symptom

    to take over and allow healing, renewal and rest for the body, mind and spirit.

    In this class we will use supported poses with props that I will provide to help our bodies to let go of stress,

    worry and/or whatever our body is holding on to that no longer serves us.

    Poses are held for 5-10 minutes each and will include Mindful Guided Meditation or Yoga Nidra upon request.

    I will invite you to use a mantra that works to assist you in relaxing your body to release and let go.

    A nourishing class to renew you just in time for our fall season.




    All of my classes are perfect for beginners through intermediate Yoga levels.

    We will work with the breath to invite our body to relax and invite our parasympathetic nervous symptom

    to take over and allow healing, renewal and rest for the body, mind and spirit.

    Yin yoga involves a series of seated and supine postures, typically held for 3-5 minutes at a time.

    During these prolonged periods of stillness, the yogi experiences a surrendering sensory

    awakening that melts away residual tension and stress.




    All of my classes are perfect for beginners through intermediate Yoga levels.

    We will work with gentle basic asanas (poses) that are used by most yoga classes.

    Learning the basics mindfully and in alignment with your body.

    We will learn to use the breath to guide our movement, have fun,

    smile from within and enjoy what our body does for us today without judgment.





    In this class we will work with a soft roller and/or different size and tension of balls

    to invite our fascia to become fluid with our movement using gentle compression

    and relaxation to invite our parasympathetic nervous symptom

    to take over and allow healing, renewal and rest for the body, mind and spirit.

    Nourishing our fascia in this way allows new fluid to flow into areas of the body that may be

    dehydrated or injured from an accident, surgery or life's repetitive motions in our body.

    Allowing fresh fluid into these areas renews and heals us towards a way to live a pain free life

    with better sleep and rest for the body, mind and spirit.

    A rare class offering indeed. Check it out with a smile.





    In each class we will begin with gentle breath work and grounding. We will end each class with Savasana aka Corpse Pose

    as we let our body, mind and spirit rest and renew itself as we relax into our Shanti (bliss, calm, peace). Namaste!




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    Fascia Fitness uses large, medium and small balls of different tension working in the hands, feet and body. A 3 ft. long soft foam roller is used for movement, compression and re-hydrating areas of the "fascia" body to alleviate aches and pain caused by life, injury, repetitive motion and surgery.


    I have had people attend my classes with frozen shoulder, recovery after reconstructive surgery, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, vertigo or a feeling of not feeling balanced, fibromyalgia, soreness after accidents, an overall feeling of not being well and muscle soreness from a new workout. Some folks are just plain curious about what Fascia Fitness is all about.


    Join us and see what it's all about, it's self care at its best!



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    Leaves you feeling relaxed, balanced, smiling, rejuvenated and perhaps assists in a better nights sleep. The Shanti in you emerges when your body feels good.



    I came to the world of Fascia Fitness 4 months before it became a necessity in my rehabilitation from an automobile accident in 2012. After x-rays, doctors determined there were no broken bones, “just” soft tissue damage. I had severe low back pain and was taking pain pills several times per day.

    A friend of mine was teaching Yoga and Fascia work at her studio and invited me to try her class. Having spent months with doctors and chiropractors which only made my pain worse, I was ready to try anything but shots of steroids “where it hurts”. After one class, I was walking better, more stable and without pain.

    I was amazed and relieved. I can now thankfully share that I live without pain naturally without medication.  

    I believe that knowledge is power and sharing that knowledge is my goal. My love and passion of fascia, what it is and how it affects our body, mind and spirit, and how quickly it facilitated in my own healing gave me the inspiration to become a Fascia Fitness Instructor. I love sharing it with others on their journey to get out of and stay out of pain.



    Annmarie is Georgia’s gain and California’s loss. I have attended her FF and Yoga classes. She makes class fun, interesting and always has a thought for that session. Annmarie’s knowledge of FF technique has created a balance and harmony in my body that betters my daily life through the practice. I recently had an injury to the outside of my left shoulder and through the practice of FF the swelling has gone down quicker and I am in much less pain. Thank you Annmarie for all you have done for me and for your gentleness, love, compassion and knowledge. You will be greatly missed.

    Laura S. 5-22-18






    I had suffered from frozen shoulders for two years, tried numerous therapies with no improvement. Initially I came to FASCIA FIT with so much pain and no range of motion in my shoulders. From my very first FASCIA FIT experience my shoulders and ribs felt slightly released, by the end of Annmarie’s two hour Introduction to FF workshop I felt so much better and with regular class at a local yoga studio with Annmarie, I had full shoulder recovery! Annmarie is a kind, loving and compassionate instructor. I am forever grateful for her and FF.

    Yumi 5-9-18





    The first time I met Annmarie I felt a strong peaceful spirit and healing energy. I have been fortunate to take both Yoga and Fascia Fitness classes from her. Her Fascia Fitness classes enable me to develop effective new tools to deal with occasional intense neck and skull pain. Fascia Fitness is a great tool for releasing tension in the body through hydrating the connective tissue. It is anti-aging and dissolves pain. It has increased my range of motion and has supported a higher quality of life for me. Annmarie teaches in a clear compassionate way and closes her classes with nurturing shoulder, neck and head massage during savasana. Any class taken with Annmarie will leave you feeling strong, refreshed and nurtured. Annmarie’s classes are lit from within.

     Annie Y. 6-1-18



    Annmarie is one of my favorite instructors. She was the first teacher I followed as a new student. Her classes always left me feeling loved, open and more connected. I discovered Fascia Fitness through her. Wow, the first time I took her class, I was amazed at how much better my body felt. I was amazed at how easy it was to hydrate my fascia. I had never heard or experienced anything like it. She made it very easy to understand and follow by her demonstration and attention to detail. Her spirit with clear instruction made a class grow in popularity. The great thing about Fascia Fitness is that anyone can do it and Annmarie brought a lot of people comfort when introducing this class to our studio.

    Christina P. 10-12-19


    Yoga with Annmarie has always felt like "coming home" as her classes touch not only my locked tension but brings me back to the true center of myself. I first practiced Fascia Fitness with Annmarie and could immediately tell a difference in the tightest parts of my body - my hamstrings. My lower back has been a constant source of tightness and injury. Having a practice that works with the fascia has improved my back health. I miss attending her classes in California but know she is bringing her healing guidance and energy to those of you in Georgia, and that makes me smile.

     Elisha W. 9-13-19

    When I was introduced to Fascia Fitness with Annmarie at Sage Yoga Studios a few years ago, I immediately felt its profound benefits in opening energy channels and re-hydrating my body. Annmarie's skilled and sensitive approach kept me in weekly practice with her. As a Svaroopa yoga teacher since 2005, I tuned in quickly to the nuances of this practice. I continue to work with my feet and hands almost daily with the balls and hop on my roller periodically as needed. I encourage anyone to receive the gifts Annmarie offers through her classes.

    Nancy H. 6-2017





    Sessions good for all levels. Beginners not only welcome but encouraged!

    A traditional Yoga session, Fascia Fitness session, Yin or Restorative Yoga or a mix with mindful, gentle yoga movement, all in one beautifully, empowering session.




    Enjoy the benefits of private and semi-private sessions....precious personalized time for you and your group. Fun learning with friends. Time for questions and answers. Walk away with a practice you can do at home! 






    Contact me to set up your perfect day and time with friends and family.

    60 minute or 75+ minute semi-private sessions available for 3 to 8 people indoor or outdoor on on our private lakefront patio!

    Invest only $15.00 per person for

    60 minutes or $20.00 per person for

    75+ minutes! 



    365 Mapledale Trail

    Sharpsburg, GA


    Park along street, be courteous, please don't block others in. Enter through basement door in the back of the house.

    Outdoor class on patio behind the house, near the lake. You cannot miss it!








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    Meditation and Relaxation

    Calming, renewing and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit with your private or semi-private session with gentle guided meditation which includes relaxed movement can assist in releasing tension and stress and allow your body to move into its parasympathetic nervous system which facilitates healing throughout the body, mind and spirit.

    Indoor or outdoor.

    60 and 75+ minute sessions available. Invest only $15.00 per person for 60 minutes and $20.00 per person for 75+ minutes. (3-8 persons)

    60 minute Private session - $45.00

    75+ minute Private session - $55.00

    Schedule your Shanti time today!



    My journey working with universal energy began with Qigong in 2009 with some amazing results and experiences. I began my Reiki journey in 2014 and completed my Master Level Reiki in 2018 in Southern California. Working with Reiki energy felt like coming home for me, very natural. As Albert Einstein said "Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

    This is not philosophy, this is physics".

    My experience with Reiki has been nothing but empowering. Everyone has different experiences with it. From my experience in working with clients is that they feel a lightness and either a bolt of calm energy or a feeling of peace, serenity (Shanti) and perhaps ready for a nap. Trusting in yourself, your breath and with an open heart, let the Reiki universal energy serve you! You deserve it!


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    Reiki's roots in Japanese origin.
    Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means "Universal Life" and (Ki) which means "Energy". Universal energy to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well being.

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    A healer's power doesn't come from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage, faith and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.




    60 minute private Reiki session:

    60 minute private Yoga session:

    60 minute Private

    Fascia Fitness session:


    75+ minute Private Fascia Fitness with Gentle Yoga Session:

    75+ minute


    (3 to 8 persons) Yoga or Fascia Fit session: $15.00 each person.

    60 minute Semi-Private Meditation & Relaxation session (3-8 persons):

    $15.00 per person

    75+ minute Semi-Private

    (3-8 persons) Mediation & Relaxation session:

    $20.00 per person

    60 minute Private Mediation & Relaxation Session:


    75+ minute Private Mediation & Relaxation session:


    All other

    Semi-Private sessions are for 2 people.

    60 minute sessions: $75.00.

    Semi-Private 75+ minute sessions: $95.00

    All equipment provided and included in pricing. Some equipment available for purchase.
    ​No experience necessary.


    If your session is not listed below in the "Shop Now" section, please contact me directly to purchase. Thank you!

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    Favorite Quote:

    Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.